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Why do animals invade your home?

There are a few basic reasons that wildlife wants to be in your home. To start, your home provides the perfect habitat for wildlife to thrive. In the attic you have a dark remote place that gives the animals the security that they are looking for.

For rodents, the insulation gives them the perfect burrowing material to feel at home. With a warm and comfortable barrier from the elements, rodents will take up residence in your insulation throughout the year

As for squirrels, raccoons, possums, etc. the insulation is the perfect material for nesting. Often, animals of this kind will birth their kits in an attic, basement, or crawlspace. Larger animals like this usually do not move between the walls of your home. The common nesting period for these animals is in the spring and fall.

At Alpha Wildlife, we handle calls all year round for the animals in our customers’ homes. However, we get an uptick in calls around the mating and birthing seasons.

Another factor to consider is the weather. Just like people, when the weather gets cold the animals want to get into a warm area. What better area than in your attic or crawlspace to get out of the elements?

Raccoon poking their face through a hole in the attic.

The animals will be out of the wind and cold, they can store food in these areas as well.

It is uncommon to have more than one species of wild animal in your home at any given time. However, some animals have been known to follow other species’ scent trails to find a nest. For example, if you have mice in the crawl space, they may not be alone. There is a chance that you may also have a hungry snake nearby.

Commonly, smaller animal damage problems lead to infestations of larger animals. The larger animal usually wins in the wildlife world. In these cases, either the smaller animal vacates the area or the larger animal forces the smaller animal out.


Local wildlife removal does not come in a one size fits all approach. As professionals with experience in emergency wildlife removal, we know that no two jobs are the same. As mentioned,, removing a snake from the garage is different from removing a bat from the attic.

From wildlife control in South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as areas in Georgia and Mississippi, we have you covered! Depending on where you live, you might be more prone to certain species than others. Our residential and commercial wildlife control services are all encompassing. They include a variety of the most common animal species that may infiltrate your property.

Check out the list below to learn more about the top six most common animal species we remove. This guide also outlines the services we provide when removing that type of animal. Don't see the species you're looking for? Check out our Wildlife Library of Wildlife Removal Service here. You can also call us any time to inquire about any wildlife species removal you may need!

We can also advise you about endangered species, if you think one of these domestic animals has invaded your home.

Types of Damages Caused by Wildlife Animals

Rodent sleeping on insulation

Wildlife animals can cause major damage to a home. Once wildlife keys in on your home, they can cause exterior damage, to find a way into the attic space. Depending on the animal, the entry point can be as small as a quarter of an inch. However, larger animals can cause wildlife damage that is as big as a grapefruit.

While rodents are more stealthy in how they get into the structure, raccoons and squirrels are more noticeable. Your first visual sign is usually wood that has either been chewed or pulled out. Some of these holes will be tucked away, while others will be left open to water damage.

Next, you will see insulation on the roof or ground. Once the animals get inside the home, that is when the damage can exponentially grow.

Widllife droppings underneath a home

Once the wildlife gets inside the home, the first thing they do is damage the insulation. Regardless of the animal, they will urinate and defecate in the attic multiple times of day until they are removed.

The soiled insulation will bring down the R-Value, which is the guideline to how thick your insulation should be. That value is set based on the zone you live in throughout the country. A lower rated R-value can have consequential effects on your home’s ability to regulate its temperature. With damaged insulation, a homeowner can expect a colder house in winter months and a hotter home in summer months.

Skunk crawling into a crawlspace next to a home

Depending on which animal has invaded your home, your duct lines can also be damaged. They are the perfect means for small creatures to travel between floors in your home. Outside of insulation damage, duct line damage is one of the more common types of wildlife damage we see.

There are times where animals will naturally die in your home. Unfortunately, dead animals cause almost as much of an issue in your home as living ones.

A wild animal’s corpse can be commonly found in an attic, behind the wall, or under insulation. When that happens, the entire room around where the animal is deceased will have a terrible odor.

Sometimes we can easily find the animals in the attic and remove them. Oher times, when an animal is in a harder to reach spot, more invasive methods may be required. We may have to cut a hole in the wall to get the animal out.

Raccoon in kitchen cupboards

Depending on the amount of time an animal has been in your home, restoration work may be needed. This includes removal of any urine- or feces-soaked materials they have left behind.

In the attic that means removing the old insulation and replacing it with new insulation. In the crawl space that means removing the vapor barrier and replacing it. Once this is done, we then remove and replace the insulation under the house.


Resolving conflicts between wildlife and human interests requires wildlife damage management expertise. Wildlife damage management is an integral component of professional wildlife management. The complex wildlife damage management environment includes a combination of biological, legal, socio-political, financial and technical considerations.

All of these factors means it’s not always as simple as removing a pesky squirrel or rodent and calling it a day. Our wildlife damage services in South Carolina and wildlife damage services in Tennessee take all local, financial, and legal considerations into each assignment.

There is no better means of dealing with wildlife problems than by hiring a wildlife removal services expert that knows your area. Trust Alpha Wildlife with your wildlife damage service needs throughout South Carolina and Tennessee. We have worked in the animal removal game for years and can identify the causes of wildlife damage almost instantly.

How to Prevent Wildlife Damage?

To prevent wildlife damage, the first step is for Alpha Wildlife to remove the animals that are present. We seal up your home while we work to remove the wild animals from it. This ensures future intrusions are prevented and additional causes of wildlife damage are kept to a minimum. While it is an involved process, it will ultimately keep your cost of wildlife damage down.

The process will change a little bit depending on which animal is currently there. However, this is a standard animal control practice. No one worth their salt should ever quote you a one-size-fits-all solution. Every animal in the United States requires different removal methods.

For example, most rodents will be caught after the seal up is completed. This practice ensures that additional rodents cannot enter your living space while remediation services are provided.

Snake being removed underneath a home with a long pole

Meanwhile bats, raccoons, squirrels, will typically be trapped/excluded last, from the entry point. Bats have to be excluded from the home, which means a one way valve is used. We cannot “trap” bats. These flying rodents can only be manually removed if they are an immediate danger in the living space of the home.

As for squirrels, raccoons, possums, etc. Each live trap has to be checked daily until the animals are no longer in the home. These small creatures are insatiable. They will attempt to enter a living space again and again once they have fixated on it. This causes a high cost of wildlife damage if not prevented.

Raccoon prevention requires patience, planning, and precision. We only consider the job done once the animals are removed and entry points sealed. If you want the animals out of your home and the prevention done the right way, call Alpha Wildlife today. We offer wildlife damage services in South Carolina, wildlife damage services in Tennessee, and more.


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