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Humane Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are nuisance animals invading both urban and rural properties with the sole intention of surviving. They have a distinctive black mask and ringed tail and are typically black and gray. 

Agile and excellent climbers, they adapt to live anywhere. They end up invading attics, crawl spaces, the deck, shed, chimney, roof, and even garbage cans. They weigh about 10-25 pounds and live up to 12 years in the wild. 

Like most mammals, these creatures are mainly nocturnal and dislike bright light but may look for food during the day. The female can give birth to 1-7 kits, of an average of 4 of these animals each. 

Raccoons will tear a hole into your attic and defecate, urinate to create a mess, and damage your attic insulation. They carry parasites and diseases dangerous to both animals and people, giving more reason to call your local animal removal services. We use safe pest control and pest removal methods to remove nuisance animals.

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Common Raccoon Removal FAQ

Learn about how to remove raccoons the right way.

How do I know if I have raccoons? What does raccoon damage look like?

Raccoons are great at sneaking into nooks and crannies of your house, but they’re not the stealthiest wild animals. Listen for loud bumps or chirps in your attic, crawlspace, or garage. Their noise is a dead giveaway you have raccoons.

Raccoons are also incredibly destructive. Raccoon damage may look like:

  • Overturned or destroyed garbage pails
  • Strewn sources of food in yard
  • Damaged bird feeders
  • Torn roofing, shingles, or siding
  • Scratch marks on soffits, gutters, or nearby trees
  • and more!

Raccoon damage can easily cost thousands of dollars if left unchecked. All in all, raccoons usually make their presence known to homeowners with a keen eye.

Can you trap raccoons? Are there any laws to prevent removal of raccoons?

Yes, raccoons can be trapped and removed by animal control providers. There are no laws preventing live trapping or relocation from a homeowner’s personal property.

Some states do require that a professional license be held by the wildlife removal service provider.

Can’t I just hire a contractor to help with how to get rid of a raccoon?

If you are wondering who to call to get rid of raccoons and have your handyman on speed-dial: wait.

A handyman is a great resource for quick fixes around the home. But they may be ill-equipped to handle the nuance of raccoon removal. Special tools and cages are required when getting rid of raccoons. It is recommended that you leave the trouble of getting rid of raccoons to the experts.

What is the cost of raccoon removal?

Every raccoon infestation situation is going to be different. And each of these variables is going to add to or lower your potential cost for raccoon removal. This could include:

  • Whether you have just a single raccoon or an entire gaze
  • Whether raccoon kits are present
  • The space the raccoons have claimed

Many contractors will be quick to give you a raccoon removal cost quote. They’ll then change the number on you when on-site.

If you’re wondering who to call for raccoon removal, we recommend contacting a trusted wildlife removal provider. A wildlife control expert should ask detailed questions about your unique situation. This will help them explain what they can or can’t do. And this includes the price of their services for dealing with raccoons.

Can I remove raccoons myself?

Raccoons are dangerous critters. They are amazingly intelligent and quite protective of their claimed spaces. They have also been known to become vicious if intruders cramp their space or jeopardize their kits. And this is to say nothing of the rabies they may carry.

It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional raccoon removal expert like Alpha Wildlife, who understands these creatures.
We come prepared with the on-the-ground knowledge and the tools required to keep you and your family safe. Contact us to get a free quote today!


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David and Matt are great
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Jamey Caughlin
After calling multiple other companies to remove a possibility rabid racoon from my property and was told they could not get to me until the next day, I called Alpha Wildlife. Chris came out within 30 minutes of my call and caught and removed racoon. He said they would check to make sure it was sick. If so they would euthanize humanely. If it was not sick they would release it back into the wild. This made my daughter very happy. I would highly recommend.



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