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Humane Skunk Removal

Striped skunks weigh about 4-12 pounds and measure approximately 22-30 inches long. They are natural scavengers and nuisance animals in urban and residential areas.

Skunks are most active at night because they’re nocturnal in nature and dislike bright light. They are rarely out with the sun and commonly sleep under tight fitting spaces. This includes the porch, patio, deck, or crawl space during the day. Their litter size ranges between 3-6 skunks, and their lifespan is 2-5 years in the wild.

These creatures can communicate through scent marketing, and males often discharge during mating season. If threatened, they spray a highly putrid liquid a maximum distance of 15 feet at 180 degrees. The smell is not only horrible but can also lead to temporary blindness.

You can depend on us for all your skunk removal needs.

Skunks not only alarm your domesticated animals but also transmit diseases like rabies and salmonella. The offensive smell of random discharging by male skunks can also be intolerable.

Call your local animal removal company if you notice these scavengers on your property. We will get rid of a skunk problem safely.

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Skunk Damage

Skunks are a nuisance due to their smell. But they can create a lot of other issues and damage when they nest as well.

Once a skunk enters your crawl space, it’s just the beginning. They will litter your vapor barrier with feces and urine. They will tear at the insulation around your ductwork and can possibly destroy your soft duct lines completely.

This will leave areas exposed for access to the animals. It can also cause higher electric bills since the heat or air will be venting into the crawl space. They will take the insulation and make a nest under the vapor barrier or in a corner of the crawl space. This is where they prefer to have their kits.

If you do not resolve your skunk issue in a timely manner, the damage can be overwhelming.

Skunk Removal FAQs

If you are wondering who to call to get rid of skunks, our FAQs may help.

Can I remove skunks myself?

If you try to trap a skunk yourself, there’s only one outcome: getting sprayed.

Getting rid of a skunk is a tricky business. That’s why it’s best to leave it to a professional wildlife control service expert like Alpha Wildlife. We know how to get rid of a skunk the right way every time.

What is the average cost for skunk removal?

Many handy generalists will tell you a quick price. But the problem with this approach is every infestation is different. Do you have skunks under a porch? Or has a whole family nestled safely in your basement?

Be wary of mis-informed skunk removal cost estimates. Rather than ballpark a skunk removal cost, we work with individuals to get as much info as we can. This all happens before the live trapping begins.

By filling out our form above, we will get in touch with you to ask detailed questions about your situation. Following that, we will visit your home or site to inspect your infestation. With all of the needed info, we then give you an accurate, no-pressure quote that you can be confident in.

Do you trap and remove other animals?

Yes, we can assess, trap, remove, and prevent all kinds of nuisance animal infestations. Learn about the different wildlife animals that can infest your home in our free wildlife library.
If you have a question about our skunk removal services, we invite you to peruse our frequently asked questions page. We can provide answers about our process and about why Alpha Wildlife are the wildlife removal service experts you need. Skunk removal services are available in the following areas:

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MeanStreak Rider
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David and Matt are great
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Jamey Caughlin
After calling multiple other companies to remove a possibility rabid racoon from my property and was told they could not get to me until the next day, I called Alpha Wildlife. Chris came out within 30 minutes of my call and caught and removed racoon. He said they would check to make sure it was sick. If so they would euthanize humanely. If it was not sick they would release it back into the wild. This made my daughter very happy. I would highly recommend.



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