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Humane Opossum Removal Services

Opossums are scavengers and the only marsupials found in the U.S. They visit homes in search of food sources and often raid garbage cans, dumpsters, and other containers. These creatures tear up yards by eating fruit from trees, grass and nuts.

Possum Removal in Memphis

These critters are nocturnal and will “play dead” when they feel endangered. They can grow as large as a house cat and can become aggressive if they feel threatened, or if cornered. Opossums have very sharp teeth and claws and carry diseases such as tuberculosis, along with parasites such as lice and fleas.

Call us today if you have oposoms on your premises and want to remove them. Our wildlife removal teams in Tennessee and South Carolina focus on humane possum removal. We are also available for emergency possum removal.

Common Opossum Removal FAQ

Learn about how Alpha Wildlife locates, removes, and keeps out possums.

What Are Some Signs of Opossum Infestation?

Possums are nocturnal, so you often wake up to new yard damage and discarded garbage. Some signs you have a possum infestation include:

  • Unpleasant smells from large droppings
  • Trash cans that are rummaged through
  • Bird feeders that are broken or turned over
  • Turned over flowerpots
  • Hearing noises of hissing, lip smacking or shrieking
  • Noises such as scratching and ripping when they are nesting
Possum Removal services in Memphis

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How Does Humane Possum Removal Work?

Our wildlife removal team is adept at opossum removal and uses only advanced, safe, and humane trapping techniques. Alpha Wildlife never uses poison to remove raccoons.

Do You Offer Emergency Possum Removal?

If you have possums inside your property, we offer emergency 24/7 service. We typically offer same-day service for opossum infestations outside your property. However we are a first come, first serve business. We try to accommodate our schedule with the customers’ schedule the best way that we can.

How Does Opossum Prevention Work?

Removing any food sources is the best way to prevent opossums from invading your yard. It’s important to hire a professional animal control company if you have a problem with opossums. Call us at (901) 305-4577 to get a free estimate to remove and assist with prevention today.

Other Qs

To learn more about opossum removal and prevention in Tennessee and South Carolina, explore our frequently asked questions page. Our opossum removal experts are also available to answer your questions. Call us at (901)305-4577.

Local Opossum Removal Experts

Make sure to choose the opossum removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! When removing opossums, keep your expertise local. Our opossum removal specialists operate throughout numerous metros in Tennessee and South Carolina.

In South Carolina, we offer possum removal services in and surrounding areas of:

  • Charleston
  • Columbia

In Tennessee, opossum removal is available in and surrounding areas of:

  • Chattanooga
  • Knoxville
  • Memphis
  • Nashville

We also remove pests across a range of wildlife species, including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and more. Contact us to explore the breadth of our wildlife control and removal services. It’s risk-free and no obligation.

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MeanStreak Rider
MeanStreak Rider
Responded immediately and took care of my snake removal! I am so scared of snakes! Thank you Alpha Widelife!
Rita Dean
Rita Dean
David and Matt are great
ashley robilio
ashley robilio
We were really impressed with Chris Mclain’s knowledge of pest control. He was so professional in his explanation of what we needed to have done. His bid was also much lower than our other bid. We highly recommend this company for any pest elimination you need. Michael and Ashley Robilio.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas
These guys handle business effectively! Highly recommend the work!!!
Alienn Levis
Alienn Levis
I called Alpha Wildlife on Sunday night for a squirrel that was trapped in my house. David answered and i told him the situation. I live in Lewisburg, MS which is an 35 minutes away from Germantown. David was at my house within the hour! Great customer service.
Nicole Caldwell
Nicole Caldwell
Highly recommend Alpha Wildlife. Brandon came out to our home in a timely manner and walked us through the process of what to do to keep the squirrels out. He was very professional and knowledgeable.
Charles thomas
Charles thomas
Matt at Alpha Wildlife is such a nice and professional guy. I always like to hire veteran owned companies and you can tell that he has that demeanor about him. He was able to help with the squirrels in our attic in Bartlett, TN. Great guy.
Rux porter
Rux porter
David and Matt at Alpha Wildlife are awesome to work with. We live in Germantown, TN and had rats in our home. They were quick to diagnose the problem and got the rats out of our home. Great work from both of them.
Jamey Caughlin
Jamey Caughlin
After calling multiple other companies to remove a possibility rabid racoon from my property and was told they could not get to me until the next day, I called Alpha Wildlife. Chris came out within 30 minutes of my call and caught and removed racoon. He said they would check to make sure it was sick. If so they would euthanize humanely. If it was not sick they would release it back into the wild. This made my daughter very happy. I would highly recommend.



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