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Armadillos are common in grasslands, forests, wetlands, and semi-desert areas of America. These regions provide plenty of sandy or loose soil environments where they can dig and excavate. In South Carolina, the nine-banded armadillo, which has nine rings around its body, is the most common variety.

Their ability to adapt to wildly different habitats affords them a high degree of biological advantage.

Depending on the species type, armadillos can range from tennis ball-sized to a 13 lb watermelon! According to the National Wildlife Federation, the nine-banded armadillos are about 2.5 feet (0.7 meters) long from the nose to the tip of the tail and weigh an average of 12 pounds (5 kilograms). Nine-banded armadillos are found in the southeastern United States, but their range has been expanding continually northward for more than a hundred years.These herbivores have pointed snouts, short legs, a long tail, sharp claws, and big ears. Their most exciting feature, the scaly outer shell, provides a shield resembling armor holding most of the head, body, and legs.

Its diet consists of arthropods, ants, insects, termites, fruits, and plants. They can also consume nesting birds and their eggs occasionally.

They are competent hunters using their sharp claws to dig large tunnels in the ground. These tunnels serve as homes, are comfortable, and protect the critters from predators.

The animal’s social habits are pretty flexible, depending on the situation. Most of the time, this pest thrives in solitary and is mainly a nocturnal animal.

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They can spend up to 16 hours per day asleep, usually in burrows. They rarely share their burrow with others; however, they can share them with snakes, tortoises, and rats.

They are vulnerable to attacks by predators, including jaguars, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, bears, large hawks, and other birds of prey. The shaggy fur covering is crucial to their defense. If it fails, it attacks with its claws or tries to play lifeless.

Some species reproduce year-round, while others reproduce only at certain times of the year. Male armadillos rely on their superior sense of smell to locate a female for mating.


According to several reports, armadillos are common in Texas, the Midwest, and the deep South. However, they are increasingly migrating to South Carolina.

Armadillos in South Carolina and surrounding areas might cause several types of issues to property owners. These wild animals won’t enter your home. However, they will cause damage to your garden, lawn, and even your health. Look for holes in your yard or even scratched and crumbling foundation as evidence of an armadillo issue.


Do you have an armadillo problem? Though they may look harmless, these small mammals are able to cause a lot of destruction to homes throughout greater Charleston.

If you need armadillo removal in Charleston, don’t hesitate to call us. While there’s no preventing armadillos from entering your property, there is a way to rid yourself of armadillos.


It’s recommended that you not handle armadillos yourself, as wild animals are known to become protective and violent when trapped. Trapping companies like Alpha Wildlife are your best bet to remove your pest and keep your family safe in the process.

Though armadillo removal may be a challenging task, the armadillo removal team at Alpha Wildlife Charleston is prepared. We will quickly and efficiently get rid of the nuisance creatures in your yard.

Our armadillo removal services are designed the same way we trap and relocate all nuisance animals. Once we survey your living space and verify a wild animal intrusion has occurred, the extraction process begins. We will enter into the intrusion space and use specialized tools to catch the armadillos.

We also proudly provide high-quality wildlife removal and exclusion services for other common species including:

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