Alpha Wildlife - Bat Removal


Bats are not rodents or flying mice but close relatives of primates. While there are many bat types in the US, the colonizing variants cause most problems. They cause the most nuisances while roosting in large numbers, particularly in attics.

They are not aggressive and are primarily insectivores eating moths, wasps, and gnats. Though thought to be blind, they aren’t. They use their echolocation to navigate while flying. While the bat carries rabies, its guano or bat droppings are a breeding ground for fungal disease. 

Bats need just a quarter-inch gap to invade your property, and once inside, the colony grows. That’s when you notice bats flying in and out, droppings, and stray bats finding its way into your living space. 

Bat removal needs extensive training and experience, which is where we can help with just a phone call. 

It’s time to call your local pest company if you notice bats flying in and out. We use only the safest bad removal methods to eliminate these nuisance animals from your property.