Alpha Wildlife - Snake Removal


There are about 120 snake species in Northern America, where few are venomous. Snakes can live on land or water, are carnivores, and help reduce the rodent population. 

Excellent climbers, snakes quickly gain access to your attic or basement through construction gaps. However, once a litter of snakes grows on the property, they keep returning annually to give birth to their young. 

That’s why you need to remove snakes you find on your premises. However, never provoke or try to catch snakes, especially if you can’t identify them. It may be venomous, and you need immediate medical attention if bitten by them. 

Call us today if there is a snake on your premises and you need help removing them. 

Your local pest removal company uses safe physical snake removal methods with the help of their hands or tools like snake hook or tongs. We then sack the snake and safely leave it somewhere far away from your premises.