Humane Wildlife Removal

Bats are not rodents or flying mice but close relatives of primates. While there are many bat types in the US, the colonizing variants cause most[..]

Raccoons are nuisance animals invading both urban and rural properties with the sole intention to survive. They have a distinctive black mask and[..]

Rats and mice can also enter your home through pipes and drains. They also like to live in dark corners of closets, around your fireplace, around[..]

Striped skunks weigh about 4-12 pounds and measure approximately 22-30 inches long. They are natural scavengers and nuisance animals in urban and[..]

There are about 120 snake species in Northern America, where few are venomous. Snakes can live on land or water, are carnivores, and help reduce the[..]

There are more than 60 squirrel species and five types of squirrels in the United States. The different species come in different colors, with[..]