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Squirrel Removal Charleston, SC

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Trusted Squirrel Removal Charleston Has Been Searching For

Are squirrels making themselves at home in your property? In Charleston, these clever creatures are common visitors but can become troublesome when they decide to stay. At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, we specialize in effective squirrel trapping, control, and exclusion services designed to address and resolve your squirrel issues quickly and humanely.

Why Choose Our Charleston Squirrel Removal Services?

  • Humane Squirrel Trapping: Using safe and effective traps, we ensure the humane capture and relocation of squirrels, adhering to all local wildlife guidelines.
  • Expert Squirrel Control: Our team of experts assesses your situation to develop targeted strategies that prevent future infestations, securing your home or business from further damage.
  • Specialized in Squirrel Infestation Management: With extensive experience in wildlife management, our professionals handle every aspect of squirrel infestations, from initial detection to complete exclusion.
  • Preventative Solutions: We don’t just remove squirrels; we also offer comprehensive solutions to keep them out, including sealing potential entry points, making landscape adjustments, and installing deterrent devices.

Charleston Squirrel Removal Services

  • Detailed Property Inspections: Identifying the extent of the infestation and the main entry points.
  • Customized Removal Plans: Tailored strategies to meet your specific needs and challenges.
  • Damage Repair and Proofing: Addressing the damage caused by squirrels, such as chewed wires and structural integrity.
  • Ongoing Support and Follow-Up: Ensuring that your squirrel problem is fully resolved and that the solutions are effective long-term.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation in Charleston

It’s important to recognize the signs of a squirrel infestation so you can act quickly:

  • Noises: Scratching or scampering sounds in the attic or walls, especially at dawn or dusk.
  • Damage: Chewed wood, siding, or vents on the exterior of your house.
  • Droppings: Finding squirrel droppings in your attic, garage, or storage areas.
  • Garden Activity: Disrupted plants or stolen fruits and nuts are signs of squirrel activity.

Common Places to Find Squirrels in Your Charleston Home

Squirrels are incredibly versatile and can infiltrate various parts of your Charleston home if given the opportunity. Understanding their common hideouts can help you take preemptive measures to safeguard your property. Here’s a detailed look at where these agile creatures are most likely to set up camp:

Squirrels in the Attic?

The attic is a prime target for squirrels due to its isolated and quiet nature, making it perfect for nesting. Squirrels are attracted to attics because they provide safety from predators and harsh weather. Once inside, they can cause damage by gnawing on wood beams and electrical wires, potentially leading to serious home hazards.

Squirrels in Eaves and Soffits?

These architectural elements can offer small gaps that squirrels exploit to gain entry into your home. Once they access these areas, squirrels can chew through the soffit and eave materials, compromising the structural integrity of your roof and leading to costly repairs.

Squirrels in Walls?

If you hear scratching noises within your walls, it could very well be squirrels. They can enter through small openings and make their way into wall cavities, where they nest and travel. This not only creates unsettling noise but also poses risks as squirrels can chew on insulation and wiring, increasing the risk of electrical fires.

Squirrels in the Chimney?

An uncapped chimney can act as an inviting entry point for squirrels looking for a high, secure place to nest. Similar to attics, chimneys provide a sheltered spot for squirrels, but they can block flues and create hazardous conditions by building nests that interfere with proper ventilation.

Squirrels in Vents?

Vents are another common entry point for squirrels. They can squeeze through even small openings and set up residence in ducts, leading to air quality issues and potential damage to your HVAC system as they bring in nesting materials and leave droppings.

Squirrels in Crawl Spaces?

Crawl spaces offer dark, protected areas that are ideal for squirrels to hide and create nests. If squirrels gain access to these areas, they can damage insulation and wiring, and their activity can go unnoticed for long periods, allowing significant damage to accumulate.

By keeping a vigilant eye on these common areas where squirrels are likely to be found, you can take proactive steps to secure these spots and reduce the likelihood of a squirrel infestation in your Charleston home. Regular inspections and maintenance, such as sealing entry points and removing attractants, are crucial in keeping your home secure and squirrel-free.

Looking for Charleston Squirrel Removal Near Me? We’re Just Around the Corner!

Got squirrels? You’re not alone! Squirrels are common throughout the Charleston area, and they don’t discriminate when it comes to choosing their next home. Whether you’re in downtown Charleston or the surrounding suburbs, our Charleston squirrel removal team is ready to help tackle your squirrel troubles with professional and humane solutions. Here’s a quick rundown of the areas we serve:

Charleston, SC: Right in the heart of our historic city, Charleston residents know all too well the antics of urban squirrels. Whether they’re darting through your garden or nesting in your attic, we’re on hand to solve your squirrel problems efficiently.

Mount Pleasant, SC: Over in Mount Pleasant, the lush landscapes and ample green spaces are practically paradise for squirrels. But don’t worry, we’ve got the expertise to manage these furry intruders, ensuring they stay out of your living spaces.

North Charleston, SC: North Charleston’s blend of residential and commercial areas makes it a hotspot for squirrel activities. Our Charleston squirrel removal team provides fast, effective squirrel removal services to keep your properties secure.

Summerville, SC: The quiet charm of Summerville attracts more than just people looking for a peaceful lifestyle; squirrels find it quite welcoming too. Our experts are just a call away, ready to help you maintain that peace by managing any wildlife challenges.

Goose Creek, SC: In Goose Creek, we help residents and business owners alike deal with the frequent visits from local squirrels. From simple trapping to full exclusion services, we’ve got you covered.

James Island, SC: Squirrels love the wooded areas and waterfronts of James Island as much as the residents do. If squirrels are turning your property into their playground, let us restore order with our comprehensive Charleston squirrel removal strategies.

Johns Island, SC: With its rural feel and scenic landscapes, Johns Island is irresistible to squirrels. But no worries—our squirrel removal services include everything from inspection to prevention, ensuring your home stays serene and squirrel-free.

Each of these communities has its unique challenges when it comes to managing wildlife, but our local presence and expertise mean you’re never far from help. We understand the behaviors and habits of Charleston’s squirrel populations, and we’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep your homes and businesses secure.

If squirrels are giving you a headache, remember, help is just around the corner. Reach out to us for professional, reliable Charleston Squirrel Removal services and say goodbye to unwanted wildlife guests!

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If squirrels are causing problems in your Charleston home or business, don’t wait for the issue to worsen. Contact Alpha Wildlife Charleston today to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you and provide a free consultation to discuss your wildlife concerns.

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We recently discovered that squirrels were getting in our attic and into the walls of the girls bedroom. They had literally started to chew a hole in the wall and would’ve found themselves in the closet before much longer, but thankfully we caught it. Alpha Wildlife – South Carolina came...
Daniel Basham
Very friendly and prompt communication. I had a strange smell in my home on thanksgiving and called on black friday morning. After leaving a message, Thomas responded quickly and was at my home within the hour. It ended up being a dead opossum in my crawlspace! Thank you Thomas and...
Tai Vu
Thomas was the first person to answer my phone call regarding a bat removal from my grandmother’s home on a Saturday. He was reassuring, informative and came immediately, arriving within 30 minutes of our phone call. He not only removed the bat safelt, but aLeo informed us of next steps...
Lauren Addy
Not only was Thomas professional and courteous, but he remained communicative, punctual, respectful, thoughtful, honest, and thorough throughout the job. He identified our issue (bats), showed us each access point and potential alternative access point, explained the problem and solution to us, directed us to appropriate websites that shared both...
Valerie Torstenson
Dylan was very professional and the 1st night we caught 2 possum but we were going after groundhog. He left more goodies in the cage and a week later we had him Dylan was so great....
Patricia Truett
This company is the Best when it comes to pest professional at its best Dylan is a troop he got got a pesky snoop of a squirrel from my attic and we are Truly Greatful! Call him for your pests!...
Angie Sutton
Had a couple of raccoons that had made a nice little home in our attic. Dylan was amazing! He was knowledgeable, efficient and kind to our 4 dogs. He was able to remove our unwelcome “guests” quickly!! Highly recommend!...
Pam Coppenger
Alpha Wildlife did an outstanding job on getting those pesky bats out of my attic. Dylan was very knowledgeable about bats and many other wildlife issues. He explained the whole process and his work was thorough and top notch. I’m bat free and a very satisfied customer. I highly recommend...
Cathcart Louque
Had a situation where we thought we had some squirrels in our attic. Turns out they were just in the top portion of our front porch canopy. Corey gave us a personalized plan to get the squirrels out of the space, and seal the space back up and spray to...
Vince Swann
I called Alpha Wildlife a few weeks ago after hearing an animal in the crawl space over night. Harrison came out the same day and provided us with a plan to remove the critter and seal up our crawl space. He took the time to answer my numerous questions and...
Johanna Heeren
We had the best experience with Alpha Wildlife and have already recommended them to others as well! I called them about some birds nesting in our exhaust vents and Harrison was able to come out the same day to assess things and came back to fix everything the following day....
Cassandra L
They were timely, professional, and courteous. Most importantly no more critters in our attic!...
Yousef Jefferson
I had issues with 3 raccoons and a possum, Dan was awesome. He removed the critters, they were trapped on different days. I was surprised that a possum came onto my property. Hopefully, I will not have any issues with raccoons since Dan’s crew retrofited my entire roof line. I...
Carolyn Thomas
Brandon from Alpha Wildlife is a very professional young man. He went thru our crawlspace hunting a snake. Although he couldn’t find one, he shared alot of incredible information. I hope to have him back soon to seal our home. Thank you Brandon…...
Susan Garbiras
We had a pretty significant bat problem at my house. Brandon did a great job of fixing the problem but also communicating throughout the process. Very happy with his work and would highly recommend Alpha Wildlife....
Jacob Duncan
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