Most Common Squirrel Types Found in South Carolina

Updated July 19, 2024

What are the most common squirrel types in South Carolina?

As a resident of the Palmetto State, you are no stranger to seeing wildlife, especially squirrels. Some of these animals stick to nature and keep out of sight from the larger public. However, some are common visitors to a backyard. Or, though uninvited, an attic or crawl space.

Specifically, the squirrels of South Carolina like to make themselves known. Whether leaping from tree to tree or feasting away on walnuts, squirrels are no strangers to the land. And of all the wildlife in South Carolina, they are among the most populous.

There is even a Squirrel Season in South Carolina, which runs from October to March. However, the squirrel season tends to focus on the most common types of squirrels, such as the eastern gray squirrel. The southern fox squirrel, for instance, is too rare to be considered game on and many private hunting lands.

And this brings up an interesting question. Just how many types of squirrels are there in South Carolina? The answer is that there are many. Yet some are more common than others, and can be readily spotted.

Let’s break down a few of the most common squirrels found in South Carolina.

Gray Squirrels in South Carolina

Gray squirrels are far and away the most commonly spotted squirrel in South Carolina. And while they are usually seen nesting in hardwood trees, they also are the most invasive to homes. This is because they prefer to cover and shelter.

Gray squirrels live in cavities of hardwood trees, though wooden attics or crawl spaces can be just as appealing. They feast on seeds, nuts, and buds, but will also resort to twigs if in a residential area.

These creatures grow to be 16 to 20 inches in length, typically weighing 1 to 1 ½ pounds. Overall, a decently sized squirrel when compared to the smaller, less common species. Additionally, eastern gray squirrels are so populous that reproduction occurs rapidly and often. Because of this, they are not at risk of losing a detrimental population during squirrel season.

While their life expectancy is relatively short (1 to 2 years on average), they are incredibly resilient animals. Despite hunters, as well as natural predators such as hawks and snakes, gray squirrels continue to thrive. 

Flying Squirrels in South Carolina

Less common than the gray squirrel, southern flying squirrels can often be spotted in action. However it is important to note that the flying squirrel doesn’t fly. They do, however, have loose skin beneath their legs which allows them to glide on air.

Sometimes a flying squirrel can glide 30 to 50 feet, often moving from tree trunk to tree trunk. If you happen to catch them doing some sort of acrobatic lift while in the air, it is a magical sight. This ability to glide has to do with their size as much as their loose skin. Growing to reach about six inches and weighing only a few ounces, they’re an ideal size for riding the air.

Rare Species of Squirrels in South Carolina

Gray squirrels are the most common, and flying squirrels might be more interesting, but rare squirrels also occupy South Carolina. And some of these rare creatures are truly beautiful. One example is the black squirrel in South Carolina.

Black squirrels range in length from 20 to 26 inches, and weigh between 2 to 2 1/2 pounds. These creatures are often seen in mature pine and hardwood forests. This doesn’t mean they are strangers to parks or golf courses.

And perhaps the most rare is the white squirrel of South Carolina. If you’ve been fortunate to see a white squirrel in South Carolina, you likely stopped what you were doing. Their presence is like something out of a fairy tale, so you would have paused to take in the sight.

Typically, squirrels born without a chemical known as melanin are likely to have their fur turn white. On the flip side, squirrels that produce too much melanin have black fur. In some incredibly rare instances, the white squirrel is albino.

Beautiful from a Distance

Squirrels are merely one of the many species that South Carolina residents appreciate. However, this appreciation remains intact only when these creatures keep their distance.

Squirrels can wreak havoc if they can get into your home. And though they might be beautiful, they can cause costly damage if they are not removed. But we too appreciate their beauty, and that’s one reason our removal process is humane.

Need Squirrel Removal?

We believe that wildlife in South Carolina should flourish. We also understand that there is not a place for it in your home. Keep your home in order. And learn more about our squirrel removal services in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and surrounding areas today!

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