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Raccoon Control Charleston, SC

Raccoon Control Charleston, SC Can Trust To Get Results

Alpha Wildlife specializes in raccoon control in Charleston, offering effective, humane solutions to protect your property from raccoon damage.

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Your First Call for Raccoon Control Charleston

Are raccoons turning your peaceful home into a nightly playground? At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, we understand the urgency and discomfort of having raccoons invade your private space. Our professional Charleston raccoon control team is dedicated to providing fast, effective, and humane solutions for Raccoon Removal in Charleston and the surrounding areas.

Whether it’s the sound of raccoons in the attic or the sight of them in your yard, we’re equipped to handle any raccoon situation with precision and care. Let’s explore how we can bring peace back to your home with our expert raccoon control and removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raccoon Removal in Charleston

What should I do if I find a raccoon on my property in Charleston?

If you encounter a raccoon on your property, it’s important to maintain a safe distance and avoid attempting to trap or handle the animal yourself, as raccoons can be aggressive when threatened and may carry diseases. Instead, secure any pet food, garbage, and other attractants to discourage the raccoon from staying. Contact our team that specialize in humane raccoon removal to safely and effectively handle the situation.

How can I prevent raccoons from entering my home or yard in Charleston?

Preventing raccoons from entering your home involves securing potential entry points and removing attractants. Ensure that your garbage cans have tight-fitting lids and are stored securely. Use chimney caps and screen vents to block access to your attic and basement. Regularly inspect your home for cracks or openings in the foundation, roof, or walls and seal them promptly. Additionally, keep pet food indoors and trim tree branches away from your house to reduce access.

How quickly can you respond to a raccoon problem in Charleston?

We understand that when it comes to wildlife intrusion, time is of the essence. Our local Charleston team aims to respond as quickly as possible. For immediate raccoon removal needs, we strive to offer same-day or next-day service depending on the availability and urgency of the situation. Please call us to discuss your specific issue and to schedule a prompt inspection.

What are the signs that I might have a raccoon infestation in my Charleston home?

Raccoons leave several telltale signs of their presence. Common indicators include noises such as heavy thumping, scratching, or chirping from the attic, especially at night. You might also notice tipped-over garbage cans, damage to your garden, or footprints around your property. Inside the home, look for torn insulation, chewed wires, or droppings in places like your attic or crawl spaces.

Our Comprehensive Charleston Raccoon Control Services

At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, our team of certified Charleston raccoon control specialists offers a full spectrum of raccoon removal services tailored to address and resolve any raccoon problem you might encounter. Here’s how we can help you maintain a raccoon-free home:

Raccoon Trapping in Charleston

  • Humane Trapping Methods: We use the most humane, state-of-the-art traps to ensure safe capture and relocation of raccoons, minimizing stress on the animals and ensuring no harm comes to them during the process.
  • Strategic Trap Placement: Our experts carefully assess your property to determine the most effective locations to place traps, increasing the likelihood of capturing raccoons quickly and efficiently.

Raccoon Exclusion Services

  • Entry Point Identification and Sealing: Raccoons are clever creatures that can enter through small openings. We identify and seal all potential entry points, such as vents, chimneys, and holes near the foundation, using durable materials designed to withstand raccoon intrusion.
  • Preventative Measures: Beyond just sealing entry points, we offer advice and assistance in setting up barriers and deterrents to discourage raccoons and other wildlife from targeting your home in the future.

Raccoon Damage Repair and Cleanup

  • Inspection and Assessment: We conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify all areas damaged by raccoons, from torn insulation to chewed wiring and structural damages.
  • Professional Repair Services: Our team not only removes raccoons but also repairs any damage they may have caused, including roofing repairs, electrical fixes, and restoration of attic insulation.
  • Sanitation and Decontamination: After removal, we focus on cleaning up the mess left behind, including the safe removal of raccoon droppings, sanitizing affected areas, and eliminating health risks associated with raccoon infestation.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

  • Follow-Up Inspections: We offer follow-up services to ensure that all exclusion and repair work holds up and that raccoons do not return.
  • Educational Support: Educating homeowners is a part of our service. We provide tips on how to coexist safely with wildlife and how to prevent future wildlife issues.

Emergency Charleston Raccoon Removal

  • 24/7 Response: Wildlife doesn’t operate on a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. Our emergency services ensure that you have support whenever you might need it, day or night.
  • Quick and Effective Solutions: We prioritize rapid response to all calls, aiming to resolve raccoon issues as swiftly as possible to minimize stress and disruption to your daily life.

Identifying Raccoon Hideouts in Your Charleston Home

Raccoons are versatile and can adapt to various environments to find shelter, especially in residential areas where they seek ouft quiet, dark, and warm spaces to nest. Here’s an expanded list of common and not-so-common areas in your home where raccoons might be hiding:

Raccoons in the Attic?

The attic is a common hideout for raccoons seeking a quiet and undisturbed place to nest. These clever creatures often access attics through small openings in the roof or vents. Once inside, they can cause significant damage by tearing up insulation and chewing on wires, which not only leads to costly repairs but can also pose serious fire hazards.

Raccoons in the Crawlspace?

Raccoons favor the secluded nature of crawlspaces as safe places to hide and breed. This area of your home provides them with a dark, cool environment, ideal for escaping the harsh outdoor conditions. While they’re out of sight, raccoons in the crawlspace can damage vapor barriers and insulation, leading to increased heating and cooling costs.

Raccoons in the Chimney?

If you hear scratching noises coming from your chimney, it might be a raccoon setting up residence. Raccoons view chimneys as protective, vertical dens similar to tree hollows in the wild. Their presence can block venting of furnaces and fireplaces, which poses serious risks to air quality inside your home.

Raccoons in the Garage?

Garages often provide raccoons easy access to food sources such as garbage bins and pet food. These areas offer raccoons shelter without much disturbance, making them perfect spots for mother raccoons to raise their young. Their activities can lead to scattered garbage and damaged items stored in the garage.

Raccoons in the Basement?

Basements can attract raccoons through open windows or poorly sealed entry points. Like attics, basements are typically quiet and dark, offering an ideal environment for raccoons to nest, especially during the colder months. Here, they can tear apart stored items and contaminate the space with droppings.

Raccoons in the Walls?

The small gaps and cavities within walls can be perfect for a raccoon looking for a discrete nesting site. These spaces provide warmth and security from predators and the elements. Raccoons nesting in the walls are often detected by the sounds of their movement or by the damage they cause to the wall’s structure.

Raccoons in the Roof?

Raccoons are skilled climbers, which makes the roof a potential entry point for these animals. They can remove shingles or chew through weakened areas to gain access. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage to the roof structure, leading to leaks and other costly issues.

Raccoons in the Shed or Outbuildings?

Sheds and outbuildings can often become targets for raccoons because these structures are usually less secure and quieter than the main house. Raccoons use these spots for shelter or as a safe place to dig through trash cans or storage bins.

Raccoons under the Deck?

Decks provide an attractive shelter for raccoons, especially if there are openings they can crawl through. The space beneath a deck offers protection from predators and environmental elements, making it an ideal spot for raccoons to hide during the day.

Searching For Raccoon Control Near Me in Charleston?

Comprehensive Charleston Raccoon Removal Services Across Charleston and Surrounding Cities

Discover Alpha Wildlife Charleston’s expert Charleston raccoon control solutions, now serving Charleston and its neighboring communities! From Mount Pleasant to James Island, our team offers specialized and humane raccoon removal services tailored to each area’s unique environmental challenges. Whether your home is near the bustling streets of North Charleston or the serene waters of Isle of Palms, we are equipped and ready to solve all your wildlife issues promptly and professionally. Trust us to keep your home safe and wildlife-free, no matter where you’re located in the Charleston area.

Mount Pleasant

Located east of Charleston across the Cooper River, Mount Pleasant is a scenic and bustling community. Its numerous waterways and well-maintained parks make it a common place for raccoons to thrive. Alpha Wildlife Charleston provides comprehensive Charleston raccoon control services to help residents manage the wildlife that often ventures into their attics and garages from the nearby natural habitats.


Known as the Flower Town in the Pines, Summerville’s lush landscapes and warm climate attract a variety of wildlife, including raccoons. The extensive wooded areas provide perfect dens for raccoons, which can lead to more frequent encounters with residents. Our Charleston raccoon removal team is skilled in humane trapping techniques and exclusion services to keep homes and properties in Summerville wildlife-free.

North Charleston

As one of the state’s major industrial hubs, North Charleston is not just home to businesses but also to urban wildlife, including raccoons. These animals are often drawn to the area by the abundance of food sources and potential shelter in industrial complexes and nearby residential areas. Alpha Wildlife Charleston offers both commercial and residential Charleston raccoon control services to address these unique challenges.

Goose Creek

This steadily growing city offers a mix of suburban and lightly wooded areas, providing a habitat for raccoons. The proximity of homes to small forested patches allows raccoons easy access to shelter and food, leading to frequent sightings. Our Charleston raccoon control services in Goose Creek include comprehensive site assessments to secure homes from any wildlife intrusion.


Situated near the Goose Creek Reservoir, Hanahan is a prime spot for raccoons due to its water sources and quiet neighborhoods. Our Charleston raccoon control experts in Hanahan specialize in water-related wildlife challenges, ensuring that homes near the reservoir are protected from the nuisance of raccoons and other wildlife.


Ladson’s blend of residential areas and open spaces makes it attractive to raccoons looking for easy meals and nesting sites. Our Charleston raccoon control experts provide Ladson residents with expert advice on wildlife prevention and delivers effective raccoon trapping and removal services tailored to the community’s needs.

James Island

Enclosed by the Charleston Harbor and the Stono and Folly Rivers, James Island is a natural haven for wildlife, including raccoons. The island’s dense foliage and proximity to water make it a common area for raccoons to nest and forage. Alpha Wildlife Charleston’s services on James Island include specialized Charleston raccoon control strategies that respect the local ecosystem while keeping homes safe.

Moncks Corner

Located to the north of Charleston, Moncks Corner is a quiet town with a significant amount of green spaces and water bodies, such as Lake Moultrie and the Cooper River. These natural features make it an attractive area for raccoons and other wildlife. By providing services in Moncks Corner, Alpha Wildlife Charleston could address the needs of homeowners dealing with wildlife encroachment into their properties.

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is a barrier island on the coast of South Carolina known for its beautiful beaches and residential communities. The island’s natural dunes and marshes provide ideal habitats for raccoons. Offering Charleston raccoon control services here would help manage the balance between nature and residential life, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy the beauty of the island without conflict with local wildlife.

West Ashley

Situated to the west of the Charleston peninsula, West Ashley is part of the city that features older neighborhoods surrounded by riverine landscapes. This area’s blend of urban and natural environments attracts wildlife, including raccoons, into the neighborhoods. Alpha Wildlife Charleston could provide essential services to West Ashley by focusing on exclusion techniques and habitat management to minimize wildlife issues.

Need the Pros for Raccoon Removal Charleston?

Don’t let raccoons disrupt your life. Contact Alpha Wildlife Charleston today for the professional and effective Raccoon Removal Charleston needs. Our team is ready to restore peace and safety to your home with expert raccoon control and removal strategies.

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I had issues with 3 raccoons and a possum, Dan was awesome. He removed the critters, they were trapped on different days. I was surprised that a possum came onto my property. Hopefully, I will not have any issues with raccoons since Dan’s crew retrofited my entire roof line. I...
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Brandon from Alpha Wildlife is a very professional young man. He went thru our crawlspace hunting a snake. Although he couldn’t find one, he shared alot of incredible information. I hope to have him back soon to seal our home. Thank you Brandon…...
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We had a pretty significant bat problem at my house. Brandon did a great job of fixing the problem but also communicating throughout the process. Very happy with his work and would highly recommend Alpha Wildlife....
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Raccoon Control Charleston, SC

Don't Let Raccoons Take Over Your Charleston Home – Act Now!

Struggling with unwanted raccoon guests? Alpha Wildlife Charleston offers professional, humane raccoon removal and control services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to reclaim the comfort and safety of your home from these nocturnal nuisances. Our expert team is ready to help you with immediate solutions!