Wildlife Removal Cost Breakdown: What You Need to Know

Updated April 1, 2024

Wildlife Removal Cost Breakdown: What You Need to Know

When it comes to removing wildlife from your home or business, there is a great deal to consider. And these considerations come with a great many questions. From what type of animal you are dealing with to how much damage is at stake, and everything in between.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest questions on homeowners’ minds relates to cost.

After all, how much does it cost for wildlife removal? Is there an average cost of wildlife removal? Does insurance cover the damage? These are valid questions, and we’ve got your answers!

The short answer is that wildlife removal prices vary, the longer answer is, of course, depending on the situation. Let’s dive in!


Wildlife removal prices are fully reflective of the type of wildlife situation. For example, a single squirrel removal cost would be different from preventative measures affiliated with a colony of bats.

When you inquire about wildlife removal services, we will send a professional to your home to assess the situation. Part of this assessment will include an estimated cost for the wildlife removal. This assessment will also bring the scope of the problem to light.

It goes without saying that the more significant the problem, the costlier the wildlife removal process might be. But it doesn’t come down to just the animal species alone, the situation itself matters. Let’s break this down a bit further.

Bats hanging in an attic.


First and foremost, every wildlife removal process is unique to the situation.

Some invasive wildlife might have caused great damage. For starters, this damage can occur in multiple ways. For instance, rodents chew through wiring and wood. They can create many holes and open entry points for additional rodents to get in.

Part of our processes include covering these holes and preventing future wildlife from getting in. Therefore, if the problem is significant, then the fix will also be significant.

Additionally, if an uninvited guest has been occupying your space long enough, they have likely left feces around the place. Feces are more than a mess, they’re also a health hazard. Therefore, sanitizing the space is a crucial step and a necessary part of the process.

Another indicator that will impact the cost of your wildlife removal is the entry point. A number of animals gaining entrance through your roof? This is different from rats and mice getting in at the base of your home.

Crawl space infestation removals are as doable as attic removal, but they come with different techniques. And therefore, slightly different affiliated wildlife removal costs.


There are many signs that wildlife has made a home of your space. The longer they are there, the more damage can be done, and the costlier a wildlife removal princess might be. If you experience signs of uninvited wildlife, don’t hesitate.

From sounds in your attic to claw marks in your woodwork, contact the professionals at Alpha Wildlife. We have the experience and the knowledge to assess and take care of your situation. We give you your living space back, and we take pride in doing so humanely.

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