How to Deal With Nuisance Wildlife?

Updated April 1, 2024

How to Deal With Nuisance Wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife?

Everyone loves wildlife, but it can be annoying when it thrives in the wrong places like your house.

They can damage your property severely, like digging up holes in your garden, eating your plants, and destroying your fence.  In addition, they may even spread serious diseases like rabies as well. That’s why wildlife control is essential before it gets too late.

However, one important thing you need to keep in mind is not to harm them. They may invade your property, but it’s usually for water, food, and shelter.

They are there only for their survival, so you need to make sure you remove them from your house without hurting them.

That’s why we have made a list of remedies that can help you deal with these animals without causing them pain.

Identify The Species Have Invaded Your Home

Identifying the species is an essential step of wildlife control since every animal needs a different removal process. You can’t just guess and create a plan to remove them. You need first correctly to identify them.

An easy way to recognize the animal is through the damage inflicted. For instance,

  1. If you notice holes in your garden, then your culprit is likely a mole
  2. If your trash can is scattered everywhere from the trash bag, then raccoons are usually the culprit.
  3. If there’s food scattered inside your house, then it’s probably a mouse
  4. Broken fences are signs of big animals like bears

You can identify them by the timing of their attacks too. 

Animals like deer and skunks come out during the day, while raccoons, mice, and squirrels come out at night. Proper identification like this will lead you to a successful wildlife control plan.

Determine The Reason for Their Invasion

After identifying who’s causing damages to your property, you need to determine the reason for their presence as well.

Most of the time, survival is the reason for their invasion, and they invade your house in search of food, shelter, and water.

On the other hand, sometimes some wild animals enter your house only because something attracts them. For example,

  1. The food in your trash may attract raccoons.
  2. Rats may enter your house because you left your dinner uncovered in the kitchen
  1. Get Ready to Remove Them

Once you identify the animal causing trouble and know why they invaded your property, it’s time to remove them. You can follow the remedies given below for proper wildlife control:

Remove All Appealing Things

Most wild animals live in your house because they are looking for food. Deer look for grass, and raccoons look for food in the trash.

So the best thing you can do here is eliminate all those food sources. You can:

  1. Cut the tall grass
  2. Keep your trash can or trash bags inside your house, at least at night
  3. Cover all your leftovers before sleeping
  4. Clean your lawn properly after feeding your pet
  5. Obstruct Their Paths

Next, you must block all the paths the pests use to invade your home.

You can do this by filling all the small holes inside your house and repairing your fence that is broken.

Once they find out there is no way to enter, they will eventually stop appearing.

Call Humane Wildlife Control

If you are afraid to do all these things yourself, you can call humane wildlife control. They are professionals at catching animals that have broken into homes like yours.

Wild animals will adequately catch those pests without hurting them. They will make your house animal-proof by blocking all the small holes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there might be some endangered species living inside your house. In this case, if you hurt them, you risk receiving severe penalties from the government. 

That’s why wildlife control doesn’t use any kind of traps that can cause pain or suffering to those innocent animals.

In addition, they will take those animals to a better place where they won’t have to enter homes for survival. You may need to pay them for their services, but it’s worth it since they will permanently solve your problem.


Wildlife control is a must if you want to keep wild animals away from your home. Obstructing their paths and removing things that attract them can help you. 

If a family of wild animals invades your home, follow the steps above to reclaim your property and call humane wildlife control for effective wildlife removal.

Remember that if you need support with any type of wildlife animal removal, you just need to contact us.