Alpha Wildlife - Raccoons Removal


Raccoons are nuisance animals invading both urban and rural properties with the sole intention to survive. They have a distinctive black mask and ringed tail and are typically black and gray. 

Agile and excellent climbers, raccoons adapt to live anywhere. They end up invading attics, crawl spaces, the deck, shed, chimney, roof, and even garbage cans. They weigh about 10-25 pounds and live up to 12 years in the wild. 

Like most mammals, raccoons are mainly nocturnal but may look for food during the day. The female can give birth to 1-7 kits, of an average of 4 raccoons each. 

Call us today if you have raccoons on your premises and want to remove them. 

Raccoons will tear a hole into your attic and defecate, urinate to create a mess, and damage your attic insulation. They carry parasites and diseases dangerous to both animals and people, giving more reason to call your local animal removal services. We use only safe pest removal methods to get rid of all nuisance animals.