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Humane Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs are industrious and stocky mammals with relatively short legs and elongated claws on the front feet. Males and females are similar in appearance, although males are slightly bigger.

They are adept at thriving in human-dominated landscapes and can dig complex burrow systems. Groundhogs can inhabit open woodlands, forest edges, farm pastures, grassland, pastures, fields, suburban lawns, gardens, grassy rights of way, and utility corridors.

When afraid, groundhogs emit a shrill whistle, followed by a chattering, chuck sound. They can become fierce opponents when confronted by predators such as dogs, coyotes, and foxes.

Call us today if you have groundhogs on your property and want to remove them. Or, if you want to learn more about how Alpha Wildlife removes groundhogs, fill out our quote form on this page. We will reach out to you promptly to learn about your groundhog infestation.

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Groundhog Damage Possibilities

Groundhogs are excellent diggers and dig both simple and complex burrow systems. Most burrow systems are 25 to 30 feet deep and 2-5 feet.

While they breed typically in their second year, a small percentage may regenerate in the first year. The breeding season starts when it emerges from hibernation in early March.

When groundhogs dig burrow systems, they can create four types of damage:

  1. Damage to residential gardens and crops such as beans, peppers, squash, and greens.
  1. Unexpected incursions into gardens and associated laundry rooms
  1. Destroylandscaping, plants in yards and parks, and similar destructions in farm communities.
  1. Damage to fruit and ornamental trees, and occasionally to decks and home siding

Common Groundhog Removal FAQ

Who should you call for groundhog removal?

We recommend contacting a trusted wildlife removal provider for professional groundhog removal. At Alpha Wildlife, a wildlife control expert will ask you detailed questions about your groundhog situation. This will help them explain what can be done and the price of their services. Contact us to get a free quote today!

How does professional groundhog removal work?

Groundhogs use their acute vision, keen hearing, and sense of smell to distinguish danger and escape for their safety. Their sensitivity heightens their sense of direction and navigation from a gland in their jaw. This makes groundhogs difficult to remove without a professional wildlife control expert.

A wildlife control expert will visit your property and assess the number of groundhogs and entry points. From there, they will work on removing groundhogs with humane trapping methods. Alpha Wildlife does not use any poison.

It is also important to prevent groundhog re-entry. A highly effective method of controlling this critter is building an extensive fence of at least 3 feet tall.

How much does groundhog removal cost?

Every groundhog infestation situation is different. Several variables will add to or lower the potential cost of groundhog removal in South Carolina or Tennessee. This could include: 

  • Whether you have just a single groundhog or an entire coterie
  • The space the groundhogs have claimed
  • The number and depth of burrow systems

Groundhog damage can be expensive and destroy your yard if left unchecked.

Have More Questions?

Need more information about other nuisance wildlife removal services in Tennessee and South Carolina? Alpha Wildlife has you covered. Explore our frequently asked questions page. You can learn more about our humane bat removal and racoon removal services.


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MeanStreak Rider
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Rita Dean
David and Matt are great
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ashley robilio
We were really impressed with Chris Mclain’s knowledge of pest control. He was so professional in his explanation of what we needed to have done. His bid was also much lower than our other bid. We highly recommend this company for any pest elimination you need. Michael and Ashley Robilio.
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Alienn Levis
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Nicole Caldwell
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Rux porter
David and Matt at Alpha Wildlife are awesome to work with. We live in Germantown, TN and had rats in our home. They were quick to diagnose the problem and got the rats out of our home. Great work from both of them.
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Jamey Caughlin
After calling multiple other companies to remove a possibility rabid racoon from my property and was told they could not get to me until the next day, I called Alpha Wildlife. Chris came out within 30 minutes of my call and caught and removed racoon. He said they would check to make sure it was sick. If so they would euthanize humanely. If it was not sick they would release it back into the wild. This made my daughter very happy. I would highly recommend.



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