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Bats are not rodents or flying mice but close relatives of primates. While there are many bat types in the US, the colonizing variants cause most problems. They cause the most nuisances while roosting in large numbers, particularly in attics.

Bats are not aggressive and are primarily insectivores eating moths, wasps, and gnats. Though thought to be blind, they aren’t. They use their echolocation to navigate while flying. 

While the bat carries rabies, its guano or bat droppings are a breeding ground for fungal disease. 

Bats need just a quarter-inch gap to invade your property, and once inside, the colony grows. That’s when you start noticing bats flying in and out, droppings, and stray bats finding their way into your living space. 

Bat removal needs extensive training and experience, which is where we can help with just a phone call. 

It’s time to call your local pest company if you notice these creatures flying in and out. We use only the safest bat removal methods to eliminate these nuisance animals from your property.

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What is 7+4?

Do you have bats in the attic?

Bat removal is at an all-time high due to construction and development. Bats may be small creatures but can create a giant mess inside and outside your home. 

Bats species commonly found in your area:

  • Little Brown Bat
  • Big Brown Bat
  • the Mexican Free Tail Bat. 

Generally, bats need only the smallest gap to gain access to your home – 1/3 of an inch for an entry point, and it makes no difference whether it’s an older home or a new build. Once bats get into the attic, they find a spot to call home. 

Often you’ll notice a strong urine smell before you’re aware you have bats.

Bat Damage Possibilities

Once you know you’ve got bats, we recommend that you have them removed as soon as possible. 

Pup (baby) season is typically from late May to early August. Given that bats are federally protected mammals, if you have a colony in your space, during this time, you must wait to have the bats removed. Unfortunately, some people will ignore the warning signs. 

Removal of adult bats before babies are strong enough to fly can cause more significant issues. Bats may also cause damage to the insulation from guano and urine that is left behind daily. Additionally, bats also can carry bat bugs that could be a potential hazard to your health.

Unfortunately, suppose you see bats flying around your home. In that case, there is a good possibility that bats have gained access inside your home. Potentially, it might result in more extensive problems, like sanitary issues and resulting health concerns. 

Bats can transfer rabies by biting. Their mouths are so small that you may not notice the tiny bite mark. Bats can also cause lots of damage to your insulation from their droppings (guano) and urine. Handling bats should never happen without the help of trained wildlife professionals.

Bats Feeding Habits

Bats are efficient feeders and fill their stomachs in about an hour. Their feeding habits are generally beneficial to man since we consider many of the insects they eat to be harmful or pests. 

They feed mainly on beetles, moths, flies, flying ants, wasps, dragonflies, and other flying insects. They will not feed in heavy rain or when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Bats will accumulate fat reserves — as much as a third of their body weight, before entering a soft slumber in the winter season.

Bat Inspections

Alpha Wildlife can handle all of your bat removal needs. Once you realize that you need a bat removal service, call Alpha Wildlife to set up your assessment. 

Every technician at Alpha Wildlife is nationally certified and trained in all things relating to bat removal and remediation. When our technician comes to your home or business, we will determine if you have a bat issue. If you do, then we will assess the property and present a plan to get the bats out and keep them out. 

Common Bat Removal Questions: 

Q: What types of bats are in the area?

A: The main types of bats in the area are little brown bats, big brown bats, and Mexican free-tail bats. They differ in size and aggressiveness. They each have their preferred location for roosting in your attic. 

Q: Can you trap bats, and what are bat removal services?

A: The short answer to the question is, No. Bats are federally protected, meaning that unless the bats are in the immediate home, they can not be touched. When the bats are in the attic, eaves, soffit, ridge, or fascia, that is not considered a direct danger to you. So, how do we get them out? First, we will have to identify the main entry point. We will seal the rest of the home to protect it from re-entry. Then we will put a one-way valve on the house, where the bats can leave but cannot get back in. 

Q: What is Bat Exclusion, and why is it necessary?

A: Once Bats get into an attic space, the bats cannot be physically touched and removed. Bat Exclusion is not an easy fix, but it is very effective when done correctly. When Bats have made a particular area their home, they will try their best to get back into the structure if the main entrance is closed.

Q: Can’t I just hire a contractor for bat removal?

A: The main reason you should not hire a “contractor” is that Bats are protected. This means that if a contractor does manage to seal the bats in your home, you as the homeowner and the contractor can accrue a heavy fine per bat that dies in your home. The penalty can come from local and federal wildlife agencies. Also, most contractors do not have the training to know all the areas that bats can get in the attic. On the other hand, every Alpha Wildlife technician is Bat Certified and trained to keep the bats out.

Q: Can I remove the Bats myself?

A: No, you cannot remove bats by yourself. Bats are state and federally protected. You can not manually remove the bats accordingly to those guidelines. The only time the bats can be touched is if the bat is in a habited living space. 

If you see a bat in your living space, call Alpha Wildlife immediately to have the bat removed and your home inspected to ensure there are no more bats.

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