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What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Wildlife Exclusion is the process of getting wildlife out of your home and keeping them out. However, this doesn’t mean that wildlife exclusion services are all the same. While it’s true that all of our wildlife exclusions are humane, they differ for a number of reasons.
One difference is that states have varying laws on wildlife exclusion. Therefore, wildlife exclusion in Tennessee might differ from wildlife exclusion in Georgia. Additionally, the process might differ depending on the types of wildlife that you are having issues with..
For example, a squirrel exclusion service is going to be different than a bat or a rat exclusion service. While this might sound obvious, it is important to note that we take each scenario seriously and individually. For these reasons, it’s essential to choose the company that can differentiate between different animals.


Local wildlife removal does not come in a one size fits all approach. As professionals with experience in emergency wildlife removal, we know that no two jobs are the same. As mentioned,, removing a snake from the garage is different from removing a bat from the attic.

From wildlife control in South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as areas in Georgia and Mississippi, we have you covered! Depending on where you live, you might be more prone to certain species than others. Our residential and commercial wildlife control services are all encompassing. They include a variety of the most common animal species that may infiltrate your property.

Check out the list below to learn more about the top six most common animal species we remove. This guide also outlines the services we provide when removing that type of animal. Don't see the species you're looking for? Check out our Wildlife Library of Wildlife Removal Service here. You can also call us any time to inquire about any wildlife species removal you may need!

We can also advise you about endangered species, if you think one of these domestic animals has invaded your home.

Wildlife exclusion process

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The wildlife exclusion process will be on a case-by-case basis. As mentioned, the animals themselves differ. Likewise, location plays a role, and wildlife exclusion in South Carolina is different from Tennessee. And finally, no two houses are exactly the same.
For example, two homes that are the same size still might have many differences. One house may need ridge vents covered while the other may not even have ridge vents. Covering the ridge vents is not an easy fix, so the cost difference between the two homes will be noticeable.
But that is only one of many scenarios which differentiate the circumstances. And only a trained professional knows all the ins and outs of humane wildlife exclusion processes.

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The first step in the wildlife exclusion process is for a technician to identify the species. Different species have specific habits and indicators that inform a technician of what they are dealing with.
Once the species is identified we come up with a plan to seal the exterior of the home. This is done to keep that species out for good. In most cases, we are using a permanent material, such as metal, cement, or a combination of both. By using these materials, wildlife will not be able to enter through the covered areas.
The step of sealing is crucial because it is preventative. You might think that wildlife exclusion services only focus on removing the nuisance. However, our services are twofold. In addition to removal, we also aim to prevent the problem from happening again.


It is extremely important that your home is inspected by a professional immediately. There is no reason to hesitate when it comes to uninvited critters in your home. Even if you think an animal is harmless, it might be doing more damage than you realize.
For instance, some rodents will chew through electrical wiring or timber. This sort of damage can lead to further problems down the road. And if a wild animal is leaving feces in your attic, this can lead to airborne diseases and other problems.
Waste no time. Have one of our technicians assess your home. They will seal up the parts that make it vulnerable to wildlife and pests. If other needs are prevalent, such as cleaning, this should be done immediately as well.

Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion Services

Our humane wildlife exclusion service is the keystone to our business. We have seen other wildlife control problems time and time again. For example, even when you trap the problem animals, other animals will try to get in your house. This happens because there is now an unused opening or because scent trails are attracting other wildlife to your home.

The important thing is to leave no reason for the problem to continue. And our wildlife exclusion services make sure of that. And what’s important to us is that we take care of the problem in a humane fashion. We are proud to stand by this and believe that humane wildlife control is necessary.

The main benefit of wildlife exclusion services is that you will have peace of mind. On one hand, the animals are out of your home. And on the other hand, you can rest confidently knowing they cannot get back in.

While that may sound like a small benefit, you won’t fully appreciate it until you have experienced it yourself. Ask anyone who has had wildlife in their home, and they’ll tell you how unnerving it can be. They might even tell you how costly it was to repair the damage.

No more worrying about the damage being done to your wires or air ducts. No more worrying about the teeth or claw marks in your woodwork. And no more worrying about the urine and feces being left behind. Overall, no more worrying about d the potential hazards that wildlife can cause to your home.

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MeanStreak Rider
Responded immediately and took care of my snake removal! I am so scared of snakes! Thank you Alpha Widelife!
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Rita Dean
David and Matt are great
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ashley robilio
We were really impressed with Chris Mclain’s knowledge of pest control. He was so professional in his explanation of what we needed to have done. His bid was also much lower than our other bid. We highly recommend this company for any pest elimination you need. Michael and Ashley Robilio.
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Alienn Levis
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Nicole Caldwell
Highly recommend Alpha Wildlife. Brandon came out to our home in a timely manner and walked us through the process of what to do to keep the squirrels out. He was very professional and knowledgeable.
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Charles thomas
Matt at Alpha Wildlife is such a nice and professional guy. I always like to hire veteran owned companies and you can tell that he has that demeanor about him. He was able to help with the squirrels in our attic in Bartlett, TN. Great guy.
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Rux porter
David and Matt at Alpha Wildlife are awesome to work with. We live in Germantown, TN and had rats in our home. They were quick to diagnose the problem and got the rats out of our home. Great work from both of them.
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Jamey Caughlin
After calling multiple other companies to remove a possibility rabid racoon from my property and was told they could not get to me until the next day, I called Alpha Wildlife. Chris came out within 30 minutes of my call and caught and removed racoon. He said they would check to make sure it was sick. If so they would euthanize humanely. If it was not sick they would release it back into the wild. This made my daughter very happy. I would highly recommend.


We animal-proof your home or business to seal out wildlife from coming in. We remove contaminated insulation, install new insulation, and perform attic treatments, too!
When it comes to efficient and humane wildlife exclusion services, Alpha Services is your go-to. We have the experience to know what is required in each unique scenario. We get the job done in a timely fashion and put you back in control of your property.
Reach out to us to learn more about our wildlife exclusion services. Whether you just have questions about the process or are in need of an assessment. We have you covered.

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