A gray squirrel in an oak tree.
July 31, 2023 / Blog / by alphawild

4 Most Common Types of Squirrels Found in Tennessee

It is no secret that Tennessee is known for its wildlife. Visitors from all over the country come to Tennessee to bask in its nature. From its streams to its woods to its sky, Tennessee is teeming with wildlife.

Some of these creatures are large and impressive, like catching a glimpse of a black bear. Though it’s more common to see a casual sighting of a deer or a gray fox. But one of the most populous animals in Tennessee are squirrels. And whether you were aware of it or not, there are all types of squirrels in Tennessee.

In fact, squirrels are so popular that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency opens an annual spring squirrel season in Tennessee. The special hunting season lasts for a little over a month and has a 10 bag limit. This started because of the significant squirrel population. After all, they are quite prolific little creatures.

Overall, some squirrels are more commonly seen than others. And many of them can be a beautiful sight to see. But they can be a nuisance if they get into your home, which is why familiarity is important.

Here are the most common types of squirrels in Tennessee. And a bit of info pertaining to each.

A white squirrel climbing a tree.

1. Eastern Gray Squirrel

Every resident of Tennessee has seen an Eastern Gray Squirrel. They are the most commonly seen squirrel in the state and live in parks and yards. And they are recognizable thanks to their short grizzled gray hair. The hair on their tales, on the other hand, is bushy and long.

These squirrels prefer dense hardwood forests, and they reside in both rural and urban areas. And in addition to fruits and fungus, they eat nuts and bulbs of oak, hickory, elm, and walnut.

2. Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrels in Tennessee are less common than Eastern Gray Squirrels. Mostly, these creatures limit their activity to the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Additionally, they are nocturnal and among the smallest of the state’s tree squirrels. Therefore, though common, they are not frequently seen.

More commonly referred to as a Northern Flying Squirrel, these creatures have soft brownish-gray fur and white belly hairs. They have distinctive large black eyes and a flat tail. They eat nuts, insects, fungi, and occasionally bird eggs.

3. White Squirrel

White squirrels aren’t overly common in the state as a whole, but they are a big deal in Kenton. The town itself is not a main attraction for most visitors to the state. Unless these tourists are coming specifically for the white squirrels, that is. Kenton boasts the largest concentration of white squirrels in Tennessee.

White squirrels are agile and often are seen leaping from tree to tree. They maintain a diet of nuts, fruits, and seeds in the warmer months, and turn to acorns during the winter.

4. Black Squirrel

While there are black squirrels in Tennessee, you might not realize they are not their own species. Rather, Tennessee black squirrels are called so because of a pigmentation phenomenon that occurs within their fur. Easter Gray Squirrels, for instance, are the most common squirrel to experience this pigment change.

Squirrel Removal

While these creatures are abundant and beautiful, they can be a nuisance if they get in your home. From nesting in your attic to chewing your wood or ducts, uninvited squirrels can create problems.

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