The bat population in Columbia, SC

The bat population in Columbia, SC is surprisingly high. As the temperature starts to get warmer in the Mid State, bat removal calls will come in at a high rate. What a lot of people don’t understand is that bats will hibernate in your attic during the winter, without you ever knowing it. Yes, some do migrate off as well. The first signs that some people will get is the will smell the bat feces in the attic. When we come out to inspect the home, a lot of times we will find the bats in the attic. When someone has bats in the attic, you must seal the rest of the home from further bat entry, before you exclude the bats from the attic. Bats only need about a .25 inch gap to get back in. Call Alpha Wildlife Columbia today for a free bat assessment. Alpha Wildlife is a veteran owned and operated company that services the entire Columbia, SC Metro Area. including: Columbia, West Columbia, Pelion, South Congaree, Gaston, Cayce, Chapin, St. Andrews, Lexington, Irmo, Gilbert, Pine Ridge, Ballentine, Forest Acres, Spingdale, Red Bank, and everywhere in between.

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