Wildlife Removal

Raccoons in Columbia, SC

Raccoons in the attic can cause serious issues for the residents in Columbia, SC. In the picture above, we removed the female raccoon that had made her home in an attic in Lexington, SC. Once the female found a vulnerable spot to get into the attic, she can rip her way through the vulnerable spot until the hole is big enough to get through. Once inside, she will begin to look for a area in the insulation to prepare to have her kits. When we go out to do the raccoon inspection, I try to explain that you essentially have a 20 to 40 pound dog that is living in your attic, so all the feces and urine from that size of a dog is being deposited into your attic daily. When the kits are finally born, then you have a whole new set of issues. If you have any nuisance wildlife issues in the metro Columbia, SC area, call Alpha Wildlife today for a free assessment. Alpha Wildlife removes just about any nuisance wildlife animal, such as: Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Rat Removal, Mice Removal, Snake Removal, Bat Removal, Skunk Removal, Possum Removal, and much more. Call us today for a free assessment. Alpha Wildlife is a veteran owned and operated company that services the entire Columbia, SC Metro Area. including: Columbia, West Columbia, Pelion, South Congaree, Gaston, Cayce, Chapin, St. Andrews, Lexington, Irmo, Gilbert, Pine Ridge, Ballentine, Forest Acres, Spingdale, Red Bank, and everywhere in between.

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