Nashville Skunk Infestation

Skunk Removal Services In Nashville

Skunks have a familiar black and white body, and just seeing one scares most people to back away from them quickly! Skunks are seen all year in Nashville, but most often from January through April, when they are trying to build a den to have safe and secure place to give birth. A slang term for skunks is ‘pole cats. Skunks are a member of the weasel family and are slow-moving mammals with strong front legs with ample claws that allow them to dig holes in yards.

Most skunks are about the same size as a house cat and are usually shy in nature. So, they are usually not confrontational. It’s their pungent odor that gets everyone’s attention! This smell secretes from the skunks’ anal glands. Most of the time you smell a skunk nearby much quicker than you see one.

Nashville Skunk Infestation – Skunks Will Spray You or Your Pets

Skunks expel that awful odor as a defense mechanism against predators when they feel intimidated. Furthermore, they can spray up to 15 feet! This odor is pungent and extremely hard to get rid of. Honestly, most removal remedies do not work. As others will tell you, skunk odor can take a very long time to get rid of. Therefore, if you get spray in your eyes, you will experience a bad burning sensation and very often temporary blindness. Sprayed clothing is usually discarded as the smell is very hard to remove.

Alpha Wildlife’s professionally trained skunk removers have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get rid of skunk odor quickly.

Skunk In Your Crawlspace Keeping You Up At Night?

Whether a skunk has sprayed in your yard, garage, patio or under your house or deck, we can get rid of the odor today – just call our licensed and trained Nashville wildlife removal specialists. Thus, we have the tools and training to safely handle these very strong nuisance animals.

Common Complaints We Hear About Skunks:

  • Skunks are spraying or threatening my pets!
  • Skunks are living under my shed / deck!
  • Skunks have sprayed in my yard or garage!
  • Skunks are digging holes in my yard and garden!
  • Skunks are living in my HVAC system or tore my duct line.

Alpha Wildlife also provides dead skunk removal services and deodorization. Leaving a dead skunk in your yard will probably make the problem worse as it will attract other animals, insects, and parasites.

Skunks Carry Diseases

Skunks carry diseases and parasites, including rabies, distemper and mange. Humans as well as your pets can get any of these diseases. Get a vaccine for your pets against these harmful and fatal diseases as soon as possible.

Important: Skunk removal is a specialty service that requires special permitting and insurance.

Before relocating a skunk, always check to see if they have babies in the area. Baby skunks are called ‘kits’ and a group of skunks is called a ‘surfeit’ (impress someone with this during trivia night!). Learn more about skunk behavior and the diseases skunks carry.

Skunk In Duct Line or HVAC Line?

Skunks love to tear duct lines and use insulation in their dens. Knowing their behavior and habits help with safe removal. Once a skunk has moved under your home, you need to make a quick change to minimize their damage. Thus, the skunk can spray or die inside your duct line! No doubt this would be quite unpleasant! 

Nashville Skunk Infestation – Experts in Skunk Prevention

Make sure to choose the Nashville skunk removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! Our entire team is nationally licensed, insured and will provide you with superb customer service in a timely manner. Learn more about skunk removal and prevention in the Nashville, TN area, follow us on  Facebook or  YouTube or call us at  (615) 434-5331.

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