Birds chirping

Early summer is the perfect time of year for decorating and manicuring the yard in South Carolina. Birds chirping, sun shining, water is cool. While a lot of homeowners will put out bird feeders to attract as many birds as possible for the ambiance in the yard. However, with the bird seeds, comes almost every other wildlife animal in the area. Bird seed and other attractants bring in everything from rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, possums, etc. Once a species of wildlife finds the bird feeders, they will frequent the area (your yard) until they are removed or a more dominant animal comes along. It is our recommendation that when you use a bird feeder, put them at the back of the property, away from the house. You can also use the liquid bird feeder, as opposed to the actual bird seed. If you have a issue with nuisance wildlife, call Alpha Wildlife today! Alpha Wildlife removes just about any nuisance wildlife animal, such as: Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Rat Removal, Mice Removal, Snake Removal, Bat Removal, Skunk Removal, Possum Removal, and much more. Call us today for a free assessment. Alpha Wildlife is a veteran owned and operated company that services the entire Columbia, SC Metro Area. including: Columbia, West Columbia, Pelion, South Congaree, Gaston, Cayce, Chapin, St. Andrews, Lexington, Irmo, Gilbert, Pine Ridge, Ballentine, Forest Acres, Spingdale, Red Bank, and everywhere in between.

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