Rat Removal In Memphis, TN.

Rat Removal In Memphis, TN.

Rat Removal In Memphis

According to Fox 13 in Memphis and other sources, Memphis ranks 2nd in roof rat population in the nation! Read more!

Roof rats are commonly called black rats or ship rats. Their tails are longer than their body. Roof rats mostly find shelter in upper parts of homes and buildings, and once roof rats get inside, they can cause serious damage and spread dangerous diseases.

Rat Removal Specialists

sRats are smart animals and can find clever ways to get into your home. If you’ve heard noise from them, have odor coming into your home, or noticed rat droppings, our experienced rat trapping and rat exclusion team can get rid of rats in your home and uncover rats in hiding, if this is the case. Typically, you will see signs of burrowing into your insulation and their droppings scattered about.  Some other common signs of roof rats are brown staining on pipes in the attic. This staining is a sign of frequent movement.  Usually rats follow the same paths, and the stains are caused by their undersides rubbing on the PVC pipes while they scurry along.

Learning their habits help us guarantee we can find where they are invading your home and the best place to try and trap the rats. We also remove dead rats from your Columbia area home.

Repair Damage & Rat Prevention

Rats are hard to keep out of homes as they can easily squeeze through gaps in shingles, pipes, gaps beneath doors, vents and other cracks in the wood on your home. The best way to keep rats out of your home or commercial building is to find their food source and eliminate it, then determine all entry points and seal them off. All rodents leave a scented trail that attracts other rodents, even if you remove the rodent you heard or saw. Chances are other rodents will just take their place if you didn’t eliminate the food source -and- the entry points.

A professional rat removal specialist has the tools, safety equipment, chemicals and specialized techniques to exclude and do a complete preventative rat-proofing of your home.

It takes an experienced technician to recognize all of the common places where rats enter your home and fix them! Holes, even the size of a nickel, are perfect magnets for rats to enter your home! Rats leave droppings behind, urine stains, odor, and they chew along pathways. Our Alpha Wildlife team will treat your home with the right chemicals and products to prevent possible infestations in the future. We know which odor elimination and sanitization chemicals are safe to use around your pets and family.

Common Rat Diseases

Rats carry all sorts of parasites like ticks, fleas, mites and other dangerous pests. Rats also transfer these parasites and diseases through droppings, urine, bites, fleas and physical contact. Some of the diseases rats spread are salmonellosis (food contamination), rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, murine typhus, plague, toxoplasmosis, and trichinosis. Always wear a mask and gloves if you attempt to trap and get rid of rats yourself.

Alpha Wildlife Memphis: Rat Removal Experts

Make sure to choose the rat removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife Memphis! To learn more about rodent removal and prevention in the Memphis, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (901) 305-4577. Contact our rat control experts to learn more about rat damage, diseases, & removal services. Alpha Wildlife offers rodent removal in the greater Memphis, TN area, including Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Lakeland, Oakland, Southaven MS, Olive Branch MS, and all surrounding areas.



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Our first step in wildlife removal involves trapping. Because of the abundance of natural resources in Nashville, unfortunately we have to share our homes with animals. We offer great pricing and unrivaled customer service in animal removal and prevention techniques. Our animal removal team also removes dead animals from homes (only).


Alpha Wildlife will fully inspect your home for any entry points in order to help wildlife and rodents move out. Bats, Squirrels and Raccoons are often found in attics of homes, in ducts and in crawl spaces. We are licensed and trained to perform effective solutions that will remove the current infestation and stop wildlife from coming back.


Squirrels love to chew on wood, wires, and plumbing. All can cause additional damage to your home or business. Squirrels can leave urine, feces, and scent trails throughout your attic. These can have lasting effects on your home.

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