Understanding the Difference Between Columbia Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

Updated July 18, 2024

Hey there, Columbia! We’re Alpha Wildlife, and today we’re diving into a topic that might be a little confusing for some: the difference between Columbia animal control and wildlife removal. If you’ve ever had an unexpected animal guest in your home or yard, you might have wondered who to call. Let’s clear that up for you!

What is Columbia Animal Control?

Animal control is like the neighborhood watch for our furry friends—mostly domestic ones like dogs and cats. These folks are the ones you call when you see a stray dog wandering around or if your neighbor’s cat has decided to move into your garage.

What They Do:

  1. Stray Animal Capture: They catch stray or lost pets and keep them safe until they can be reunited with their owners.
  2. Public Safety: If there’s an aggressive or dangerous animal on the loose, animal control steps in to handle the situation.
  3. Law Enforcement: They make sure everyone’s following local pet laws, like keeping dogs on leashes and making sure pets are vaccinated.
  4. Sheltering and Adoption: Many animal control teams work with shelters to help find homes for animals in need.

Animal control officers usually work for the city or county and follow specific rules and regulations. They’re equipped with humane traps and other tools to safely capture and transport animals.

Contact Information:

  • Richland County Animal Control: Call (803) 929-6000 or visit their website at Richland County Animal Control.
  • City of Columbia Animal Services: Call (803) 776-7387 or visit their website at City of Columbia Animal Services.

What is Wildlife Removal?

Now, wildlife removal is a whole different ball game. This is the service you need when wild critters like raccoons, squirrels, bats, or even snakes decide to make themselves at home in your attic, basement, or backyard.

What We Do:

  1. Wildlife Trapping and Removal: We use safe and humane methods to capture and remove wild animals from your property.
  2. Exclusion and Prevention: We find out how the animals got in and make sure they can’t get back. This might mean sealing up holes, installing barriers, or giving you tips on how to keep your home less inviting to wildlife.
  3. Damage Repair: Wild animals can cause quite a mess! We help fix any damage they’ve done, whether it’s patching up holes or cleaning up after them.
  4. Health and Safety: Some wild animals can carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. We clean and sanitize affected areas to keep your home safe.

Wildlife removal professionals, like us at Alpha Wildlife, are trained to handle all sorts of wild animals. We use humane traps and often relocate animals to safer, more suitable habitats. Plus, we’re all about educating our clients on how to live in harmony with the local wildlife.

Contact Information:

Who Should You Call for your Columbia Animal Control issue?

So, how do you know whether to call Columbia animal control or a wildlife removal service like Alpha Wildlife? It’s pretty simple: if it’s a domestic animal issue or a public safety concern involving pets, call animal control. But if you’ve got wild animals making themselves at home where they shouldn’t be, give us a call at Alpha Wildlife.

At Alpha Wildlife in Columbia, SC, we specialize in humane wildlife removal and exclusion services. Our experienced team is here to help with any wildlife issues, ensuring your home is safe and the animals are treated with care. Contact us today for professional and compassionate wildlife management solutions.