Understanding the Difference Between Charleston Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

Updated July 18, 2024

Hi there! We’re Alpha Wildlife Charleston, and we know dealing with unexpected animal visitors or pet issues can be stressful. That’s why it’s important to understand when to call Charleston animal control versus wildlife removal. We’re here to help you figure out who to contact for your specific needs.

Charleston Animal Control

What Does They Do?

Charleston Animal control is your go-to for animal problems in Charleston county involving domestic animals, like dogs and cats. If you come across a stray dog or a lost cat, animal control can help. They also handle cases of animal cruelty and ensure public safety.

Why Call Animal Control?

  • Public Safety: They deal with aggressive animals and enforce local animal laws.
  • Health Concerns: They manage situations involving rabies and other health risks.
  • Stray and Lost Pets: They capture and care for stray pets until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted.

Charleston Animal Control Contact Information

Wildlife Removal In Charleston

What Do We Do?

At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, we handle those wild critters that sometimes make themselves at home in your house or yard. Whether it’s a squirrels in your soffit, bats in your attic, or snakes in the bathroom, we’re here to safely and humanely remove them and relocate them to a more suitable environment.

Why Call Alpha Wildlife Charleston?

  • Wild Animals: We specialize in dealing with non-domestic animals.
  • Safe and Humane: We use humane traps and techniques to ensure the animals are not harmed.
  • Prevention: We help seal entry points and provide advice on preventing future wildlife invasions.

Alpha Wildlife Charleston Contact Information:

When to Call Animal Control vs. Alpha Wildlife Charleston?

Call Animal Control When:

  • You find stray dogs or cats that might be lost or dangerous.
  • There’s a case of animal cruelty or neglect.
  • A domestic pet is lost or you find one.
  • There are issues with pet licensing or vaccinations.

Call Alpha Wildlife Charleston When:

  • Wild animals invade your home or yard, such as raccoons or bats.
  • You need a professional to assess and humanely remove wildlife.
  • You want to prevent wildlife from entering your home in the future.

Knowing who to call can make a big difference in how quickly and effectively your animal problem gets resolved. At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, we’re here to help with any wildlife issues, ensuring both you and the animals stay safe.