4 Most Common Types of Squirrels Found in Tennessee

Updated May 1, 2024

Understanding the Four Most Common Squirrels Found in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to a variety of wildlife, and squirrels are some of the most recognizable. There are four common types of squirrels in the state, each with its own unique traits. Let’s explore these furry creatures to understand what makes them special.

  • Eastern Gray Squirrel: The Eastern gray squirrel is the most common squirrel in Tennessee. With its gray fur and bushy tail, it’s easy to spot. These squirrels are excellent climbers and live in both cities and forests. They eat nuts, seeds, and fruits, and like to store their food underground for later.
  • Fox Squirrel: Fox squirrels are larger than gray squirrels and have reddish-brown fur. They prefer open areas like forests, parks, and fields. Known for their strong leaping ability, they navigate trees easily. Their diet includes nuts, seeds, and acorns. You’ll often see them on the ground, digging to hide their food.
  • Southern Flying Squirrel: Despite their name, Southern flying squirrels don’t really fly. Instead, they glide from tree to tree using a special membrane between their limbs. They are small, nocturnal, and usually found in dense forests. They eat nuts, fruits, and insects and are active mostly at night, making them harder to spot.
  • Red Squirrel: Red squirrels are smaller than the other species and have reddish-brown fur. They prefer coniferous forests and are more often found in higher elevations. Red squirrels are very territorial and communicate with distinctive chattering sounds. They eat mainly conifer seeds and are active all year round.

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