Top Wildlife Removal Myths

Updated April 1, 2024

Debunking 10 Wildlife Removal Myths to Give You a Feral Free Home

Have you ever had a wild invader in the house? Do you know some Wildlife Removal Myths that exist?

If yes, you are not alone.

Practically all of us have one or the other uninvited critter making their way into our properties. And everyone wants to get rid of the wild unwanted intruders. However, the problem is that there are tons of misconceptions related to wildlife removal. It makes you think twice and wonders what to do with the pests.

So here’s an attempt at debunking these ten myths.

Common wildlife removal myths

Wildlife Removal Myths No 1: Animal removal is easy

Setting a trap and catching anything that comes across isn’t considered animal removal. And it is risky to target specific intruders causing nuisance and selectively capturing them. You cannot do it alone, but need the help of professionals.

Myth no 2: There is no such thing as a feral-proof home

Another myth that needs to be busted is that it is impossible to have a pest-proof home.

No doubt pest nuisances are at their best when they find their way into wooden houses. But they generally also end up ruining the entrance points. 

You can, however, ensure a pest-free home by removing the feral and then repairing the entry points.

Myth no 3: Varmint removal is all about catching.

No, not at all!

Varmint control is not about just catching the offending animal but also about providing the relevant solution. Positive control measures experts recommend and supply includes:

Removing the target feral

Setting traps and barricades at the entrance, and other entry points like a chimney, attics

Myth no 4: There is no need of an inspection

Another major pest management myth is that there is no need to conduct any inspections to remove pests. This is only true if you want to enjoy failure. A proper examination of the places invaded by the critter gives an idea of the preventive measures to adopt.

Myth no 5: Cage traps can be made using DIY methods

This is a widespread delusion about animal control. Traps from local stores and anything made at home do not guarantee pest-free surroundings. These traps are inefficient and can cause subsequent escapes and other miss-happening.

On the contrary, investing in professional traps assures exceptional features and a secure home.

Wildlife Removal Myths no 6: Pets can help control rodents 

It will be a fallacy to believe that your fur babies would be able to keep the rodents under check. A severe infestation requires the help of professionals. Your pet can, at the most, check a single squirrel or a rat invading the house.

Myth no 7: Ultrasonic sounds can kick the ferals out 

Not all human beings want to kill wild invaders, no matter how invasive they are. So they attempt to drive them out using a device generating ultrasonic tones. It is the most ineffective wildlife removal method.

In most cases, the ultrasonic sounds don’t bother the wild invaders at all.


Wildlife Removal Myths no 8: Only grave infestation requires expert help 

Yet another misleading notion that follows is that you should seek professional help only when there is a significant infestation.

It is untrue.

The destructive animals may have already caused damage by the time you wait for infestation. To avoid that, seek the immediate help of professionals. Wildlife control professionals are adept at whittling down the invasive feral population until it is gone.

Myth No 9: Animal and pest management professionals are the same 

No, wildlife and pest control professionals are not the same people. Dealing with varmint control is a challenging task; it requires special skills and a dangerous working environment. 

Height, contiguity to animals, confined spaces, and handling the scary creatures are some critters control challenges. However, pest management experts can undergo training for feral management.  

Myth No 10: Animal removal training is unavailable

Another common delusion that needs to be busted is the one stating the non-availability of animal removal training programs.

On the contrary, many training programs are available covering topics like pest management, repairs, tools, equipment to be used, sales, advertising, etc. 

Moreover, NWCOA offers updated educational opportunities and promotes companies that provide quality services in critter damage management.

Educating ourselves about the fallacies regarding wildlife removal can provide a seemingly impossible solution to pest intrusion. Reaching out to critter control professionals at the correct time can prevent damage to your house.

Furthermore, a little extra effort on your part can make the property as uncongenial to the animals as possible.