Flying Squirrel Removal In Knoxville, TN.

Flying Squirrel Removal In Knoxville, TN.

Flying Squirrel Removal Services In Knoxville, TN

Have you woken up to the sound of scurrying and scratching noises coming from your attic or chimney? There’s a good possibility that you have flying squirrels in your attic or chimney that have made themselves at home. Why your attic or chimney? Perhaps they couldn’t find a tree nearby to nest. When flying squirrels y can’t find a tree, they will seek out tree-like locations – like your attic. They are quick to find an entry on your home, and often they are seeking the warmth found in attics to give birth.

Flying Squirrels Can Be Numerous & Persistent

Unwanted pests in your home is unnerving, but unwanted rodents are worse. You can spend time and money researching ways to rid the flying squirrels in your home, or you can call the wildlife experts at Alpha Wildlife to perform flying squirrel removal. We have the tools necessary to remove the flying squirrels safely and are trained in the techniques of flying squirrel exclusion in the greater Knoxville area.

How Can Flying Squirrels Be Identified?

Flying squirrels have distinct qualities. They are small in size, compared to other squirrels such as grey squirrels, are usually no longer than 12 inches, and weigh around five ounces. They have enlarged eyes and a broad, flattened tail. The term “flying’ is only a misnomer. It’s what we describe as this animal’s mobility. Flying squirrels have a patagium (wings). This is the extended webs of skin that go from the squirrel’s front and back legs and it enables the squirrels to fly (actually they glide!). They’ve been known to glide the length of a football field. Flying squirrels live in communal families with 4 to 20 other flying squirrels.

Flying Squirrel Damage

The entry holes of flying squirrels are often just the size of a quarter. They most often cause damage when they enter homes or buildings via construction gaps, gaps around siding, chimneys that are uncapped, via louver vents, fascia boards and soffits. After flying squirrels nest in your attic for a while, you can be sure that their population in your attic increases! This causes them to chew holes around the outside of your attic in an attempt to create easily accessible entry points for their friends and family!

Flying squirrels have been known to chew and gnaw on wood, and also electrical wires in attics which can start fires. They can also cause damage by leaving droppings and urine stains on attic insulation. We can remove the soiled insulation and replace it, if needed. Outside of your home, flying squirrels are known to chew on shrubs and bark on trees, raid bird feeders and gardens, and dig holes in turf.

Sometimes flying squirrels carry diseases like rabies which can be dangerous to your pets, along with ticks, mites and parasites.

Home Repair After Flying Squirrel Invasions

Once all nuisance pests have been trapped, the Alpha Wildlife Knoxville team will move on to the next step – repair. Alpha Wildlife trained professionals will recommend the best clean-up and restoration plan depending on the amount of droppings in your attic.

Some times a full home-exclusion is needed after these destructive rodents have invaded and lived in your attic for a while. Exclusion is needed when the flying squirrels have created multiple points of entry and we have to seal every gap on your home to prevent re-entry. Sometimes we fill crevices where no damage has been done to prevent future invasions. If insulation is soiled, we can remove and replace it.

Flying Squirrel Control in Knoxville Area

In solving a flying squirrel invasion in your Knoxville-area home, there are several approaches we can take to reduce the possibility of a flying squirrel infestation. After a full assessment inside and outside your home, we will integrate a complete pest management plan based on your circumstances.

This is always important. Our wildlife team can teach you things to look for on your home that will help prevent future invasions in your home. Among other things, we recommend installing chimney caps, trimming trees around your home and buildings on your property, and ridding your yard of all easily accessible food sources including bird feeders and pet bowls. 

Live Trapping: We will figure out the best course of action to eradicate the flying squirrels on your property, and have the right traps for the job, along with their favorite foods!

Alpha Wildlife’s local team of wildlife experts in Knoxville provide top notch rodent control that is effective and competitively priced. Call us today! We’ll quickly rid your home of flying squirrels so you can retain your peace of mind.



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Our first step in wildlife removal involves trapping. Because of the abundance of natural resources in Nashville, unfortunately we have to share our homes with animals. We offer great pricing and unrivaled customer service in animal removal and prevention techniques. Our animal removal team also removes dead animals from homes (only).


Alpha Wildlife will fully inspect your home for any entry points in order to help wildlife and rodents move out. Bats, Squirrels and Raccoons are often found in attics of homes, in ducts and in crawl spaces. We are licensed and trained to perform effective solutions that will remove the current infestation and stop wildlife from coming back.


Squirrels love to chew on wood, wires, and plumbing. All can cause additional damage to your home or business. Squirrels can leave urine, feces, and scent trails throughout your attic. These can have lasting effects on your home.

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